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A little bit of love

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Back of House Media was established at the beginning of 2021 and as with all new businesses, we've had our heads down and working hard ever since.

Part of what we do is to refresh our Client's digital brands, giving them an updated and fresh look to suit their growth and evolution. So when we looked at our own digital "front door" we thought we could also do with a little bit of love.

Welcome to our new branding, logo and website!

As before, we've kept it simple, staying with a clean look with a contemporary yet classic typeface set against a vibrant new orange backdrop. We've also had some fun with the logo, using a minimal outline to hint at the "house" of Back of House Media or fundamentally, design house (haus). Look out for references to this aspect of our brand across our new design work.

The website structure has also been treated in the same way. We've worked hard to provide enough information to explain what we do but in a clean format with simple navigation to our Services, Portfolio and our Media page of promotional content.

We hope you dig our latest design direction...

Connect with me or our team if you want to know more about the design house that is Back of House Media, or if you interested in collaborating on your brand.


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